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Total Accommodation System

Construction of toilets can be very expensive and time consuming for Shipyards and Owners considering the infrastructure requirements (Dry-docks, Slipways etc.) and the high labor costs coupled with low productivity.

STACO Unit Toilets can overcome these problems as these Unit Toilets can be delivered in different sizes and designs according to customer specifications. The STACO Toilet Units are manufactured with special focus on design details to ensure maximum space utilization, proper functioning and long durability so that they do not become worn out or rotten in a few years after delivery.

With many years of experience and specialized competence, STACO Unit toilet is ideal for marine accomodations, from cruise ships to offshore installations.
STACO Unit toilet, whether standard or custom made, is manufactured according to the strictest rules and regulations and are fabricated from only first class
materials. In our design, the emphasis is on using durable solutions to ensure maximum quality. Comfort and well-being of our customers, whether being a ship owner, ship yard or end user.
The units are manufactured with great deal of consideration given to the ease of handling and installation.
Throughout the production process the units are subjected to strict quality control to ensure that all of supplies conform to our policy of supplying only first
class quality.
Bottom may also be made of GRP material.

STACO manuctures four basic types of Toilet Unit Models.
These are Shower Unit, Bath Unit and Shared Unit and public unit. The ‘Shower Type’ contains a toilet bowl, a wash-basin and a shower cabin, the ‘Bath Type’ has a bath tub instead of a shower cabin and the typical ‘Shared Type’ is for two cabins and has a toilet bowl, a wash-basin and a shower cabin and the ‘Public Type’ has a toilet bowl and a wash basin but no shower cabin. In addition all units have equipment and accessories like mixing taps, shower mixers, cabinets paper holders, soap holders, towel and grab rails, etc.
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