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Total Accommodation System

CHS system: – CHS system is a comparatively new method to construct a building. This technique has been certified by the Ministry of Land, Airport & Maritime Affairs, Korea as an “Industrialized Housing System” which is fully pre-fabricated in STACO factory and then installed at site through an “Infill method” as a one room, two room, three room, office room, studio apartment or a dormitory as per the Client requirements..

Loading on Cradle

Loading inside Building opening

Movement and Alignment inside

Height Adjustment and Final Setting

Modular Housing System: Each type of module is produced in the STACO factory before they are dispatched to site. These prefabricated modules would then be stacked up and assembled at site. This helps in reducing construction time for a building while tremendously reducing the project costs.

Bathroom Units:  Bathroom Units are innovatively designed while being practical for long term usage. The standard STACO bathroom units are the SSU-1515 (A&B); Unit SSU-1218 & Unit SSU-1219 but can also be customized as per the Client requirements. These high quality bathroom units can be installed conveniently at site.

Assembly of Bathroom Units

Various types of Bathroom Units

Various types of Bathroom Units

Various types of Bathroom Units

Capsule Type Modular System: The capsule is an independent completed unit. It reduces the construction time while maintaining highest quality and testing processes. This system is generally applied in Hotels, Guest Houses, Pensions or similar constructions for maximizing commercial gains through mass production of such capsule type modules

Container Type Modular System: A specially designed Modular Unit is the Container Living Quarters solution where a standard Container of 20 ft. is converted into a house for 1 ~ 4 persons.

General Design

Layouts available from 1 man to 4 men

Container Interior

Container Exterior

Container Modules dormitories exterior

Outdoor Type Modular System: These are especially for tourists who are looking for recreational and exciting travels in isolated places without much infrastructure. The outdoor constructed modules provide these tourists a comfortable accommodation in Forest Parks, Beach Parks, countryside Pensions etc.

Prefabricated Houses: It is a simple housing system without using any concrete or beams, the house stands with pre-reinforced and cut panels with cuts made in advance for assembly. This construction is suitable in areas where there is no infrastructure such as on mountains, mine areas and country sides.

Base Structure

Working on Floors

Working on Walls

Working on Roof

Finished Exterior