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Total Accommodation System

A high level of noise and vibration is generated in ship operation areas.

Hence sound-absorbing flooring is generally required in Ships.

STACO Floating Floor systems are the best solutions for noise & vibration absorption and are designed for universal applications on ships and offshore installations..

STACO provides A-60 floating floors having a high fire protection classification and excellent acoustic insulation. The different STACO standard A-60 fire class floating floors are classified as FF-50VL, FF-50A & FF-70A as per technical details shown in subsequent pages with different thicknesses of Core Materials, Surface Materials & Finish materials leading to different Sound reduction levels.

The Floors can also be provided with different types of Deck compositions of various thicknesses with various paint coatings without A-60 classification. The A-60 Fire Class Floating Floors with Screed (Sandwich steel plates with deck composition, mineral wool layer and with (or without) viscoelastic layer) can also be provided.

The technical details of the Deck compositions & A-60 Fire Class Floating Floors with Screed are also shown in subsequent pages.

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  • FF-50VL
  • FF-50A
  • FF-70A
  • Floating Floor with Screed
  • A-60 fire class floating floor
  • floating floor with screed