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Total Accommodation System

STACO provides doors in fire classification “B” for use in cabins, and doors in fire classification “A” for use in areas with higher fire protection requirements.
Doors are constructed not only to be strong and durable but also to provide the ideal door for each situation.
STACO makes the door to each customer’s specification. STACO also supplies a complete range of accessories such as lock cases, cylinder key and keycard systems, handles, closers, etc. Doors are delivered with different surfaces for the ambiance created by the individual marine interior.

Standard doors:
· Single Leaf doors (A-0, B-15, A-60)
· Double Leaf doors (A-0, B-15, A-60)
· High Noise Reduction doors (B-15)
· Sliding Leaf doors (A-60)
· External doors – Single or Double Leaf
Surface finish: The door leaf can be coated with baked enamel powder coat, PVC Laminate sheet or made from stainless steel. The frame can be baked enamel powder coat or stainless steel.

Optional hardware features
· Lockset
· Ventilation louver
· Kick-out panel
· Panic device Door closer (normal or integrated)
· Accessories (Door catcher / Hook / Cushion/ Adjuster / Closer)
· Door Bars (Cross Bar, Square Bar)
· Window
• Door handle set in various designs

The doors can be equipped with all the relevant accessories and include the right surface coating that matches the design

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